Are Bingo Sites the Answer?

When we ask the question, are bingo sites the answer? What we are referring to, is knowing if you have a gambling problem or not. You do not have to spend £50,000 a week on online bingo sites to have a gambling problem but btw, if you did, wow, that is extremely hard to spend that much on bingo.

How often do you play?
If you are playing bingo literally 24/7 then you may have a gambling addiction. Even if you are playing free bingo in the hope of winning real money this can be a problem. Bingo for some people is all about the win and the feeling that you get. Playing for free with real cash up-for-grabs still gives you that feeling that can be dangerous. Some may say however, that if you are not spending any money then there is no harm which is true, but you need to consider people around you if you are constantly on a PC playing online bingo through bingo sites.

How much do you spend?
Obviously some people will be able to spend more money than other. The old saying: “only spend what you can afford to lose” works great with online bingo. Never play online bingo with money that you cannot afford to lose hoping that if you did win your problems will all be solved.  No one can guarantee a win on online bingo sites and if any website or guide says so then they are cons.

Are you enjoying the experience?
Think about bingo as a way of socialising and passing the time, not about winning. If you are playing bingo and it feels more like a chore because all you are thinking about is the money then it is worth re-evaluating what made you fall in love with the game to start with? Usually socialising or a past-time activity are the main reasons.

Final note
Online bingo should be a fun activity that you should enjoy and look forward to, playing a few times a week or day can be acceptable, just as long as you keep a note on how much you are spending and how much time you are playing daily. A gambling addiction can not only destroy your life but it can also destroy peoples life’s around you.
Bingo does not cost the earth to play and with as little as £5 you can usually play bingo for a few hours. If you find yourself spending way too much then you have to think that you may be playing bingo for more hours than you thought.

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Last Updated 11 May 2017
Are Bingo Sites the Answer?

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