Poker Hero

When you were young didn’t you want to be the hero?
If you were playing Cowboys and Indians then you would want to be Clint Eastwood, alien warfare you wanted to be the Terminator and Doctors and Nurses you didn’t care who you were as long as the nurse looked like Wonder Woman!

As you got older and you started to play football you desperately wanted to be the person who knocked in the winning goal, and at work you craved the employee of the month award. Everyone wants to be a hero and the poker world is no different.

For most people their first experience of poker heroism comes in front of the TV set. A famous poker player makes a river call with only Jack high and it is good enough to win the pot. Wow, what a hero! That is exactly why they call it a hero-call!

What you do not see are the number of times that our hero gets it wrong. That stuff is reserved for the Editors floor. Being the hero in a game of poker is not all that it is cut out to be. There are times when you will be right and you will win a few bucks, and look like a smart-arse, but plenty more times when you get it wrong, lose far more dough and look like a completely idiot.

There are no hero’s in poker, there are winners and losers and the winners are not hero’s they just make better decisions than the losers.

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Last Updated 24 May 2017
Poker Hero

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