Things you should know about roulette. Being the most popular casino game, a very symbol of the aforementioned institution, the roulette is surrounded by a bunch of myths some of which are anchored in reality, others with no links to it whatsoever.

One of the most common roulette myths is that there are systems out there that can actually beat roulette in a consistent way. Every roulette player has some sort of system he uses, even though most of these guys are fully aware that their system – just like any other – is completely ineffective. One popular system is to bet an equal amount of money on two groups of 12 numbers each. That does indeed give a player a good chance to get into the money on his very first spin, because a bet like that pays out 2-1 and he’ll have 24 of the 38 numbers on the wheel covered with it. If you bet $10 on both 12-number groups, the system will give you a net profit of $10 if any of your numbers come up a winner.

The problem however is that if you look into this matter mathematically, you’ll realize that over the long-run you’ll actually end up losing 5.26 cents on your dollar bet, which is an exact reflection of the 5.26% house edge you’ll be faced with on American roulette. Coming to the conclusion that no roulette or online roulette system could ever work shouldn’t exactly be anything more than common sense either. Think about it like this: the casino deals with roulette play every day: if there were a glitch in their system, most probably they’d be the first to know. Let’s suppose though that some genius came up with an efficient roulette system. The first time the system would be put to use in a casino, the surveillance team would immediately discover it, and probably give the perpetrator huge amounts of money to switch sides and team up with them. All this though will not stop your savvy online marketer to sell you his fail-proof roulette system for $22, and what’s more amazing, it won’t stop a whole bunch of people from acquiring it.

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Another myth tied to the roulette, is the one of the defective wheel. This one is not valid for online roulette of course, as those games are operated by a RNG (random number generator) that cannot possible be worn out or get filthy. Some live roulette players would swear though that they have discovered result-patterns on roulette wheels that could only have been brought about by some sort of physical fault of the mechanics involved. This scenario, while possible, is not likely at all. Again, the operator of the roulette (the casino) carefully analyzes every suspicious result pattern, much more in-depth than any player could ever do through plain observation. If there’s only so much as a tiny bit of suspicion that the wheel is not spitting out absolutely random results, you can bet whatever you want that they’ll immediately stop play at the concerned equipment and investigate.

Some people also speculate that certain numbers are played more on the roulette than others. They tend to see a mathematical reason behind it, something that might give them an edge. Number 17 does indeed seem to be the number that gets the most bets, however, there’s absolutely no mathematical explanation to the phenomenon. One possible explanation could be that no 17 is situated in the middle of the table layout, and thus attracts attention through its position. Don’t bet the 17 for an edge: there’s none on it. When playing in a B&M casino, some of the most awkward situations can sometimes occur. Other people may claim the money you just won, which is unpleasant to say the least. In such situations, you should immediately speak with the dealer and call the pit boss. If you’re lucky and your table has been filmed, the issue will be resolved accordingly. If there is no recording to review though, the pit boss will decide based on information made available to him by the dealer.

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