Poker: Three Betting in Pot Limit Holdem

Pot Limit Omaha (PLO) is known as the Ferrari Testarossa of poker. Well, that is not exactly true, but it does sound better than a Pink Cadillac right? Anyway, you get our point. It’s fast, furious and gives you one heck of a buzz. It is a game where you will see money flying into the middle quickly.

Most PLO beginners believe a three-bet means that the next action is to get every chip into the pot. Whilst this might happen a lot of the time, it’s not always the truth. The best hands to three-bet with are the premium hands such as the double suited aces and pure Broadway rundowns. 

If you are dealt these types of hands in a poker game, then you should be considering three betting 100% of the time. Getting it in, or not, is all about depth of stack.

Now, that’s where most beginners get lost. They get scared that three-betting with double suited kings means they will always run into double suited aces, and therefore don’t have a plan B. 

When balancing your three-bet range, you want to choose hands that are well disguised and pick up a lot of equity on the flop: hands like Q-T-J-8 (preferably with two suits) is a great example.

If you can’t find a balanced range then you will become exploited like the newbie you are. Each raise will scream pocket aces and your opponents will be able to cream you thereafter. 
Other important poker tips when creating a three-bet strategy include focussing on the right opponents. 

Keep your eye out for the player who likes to get involved. They will be opening a wide range of hands, and will be eager to get it all in with a decent draw or any one pair hand.

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Last Updated 17 April 2014
Poker: Three Betting in Pot Limit Holdem

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