Organise your Poker Game

To be a more successful poker player, you need to take control of your game. Most players are happy to fire up a few tables whenever the mood takes them, and play until they have lost their money or they are bored.
While there is certainly nothing wrong with this, if you are just looking to pass some time, it is definitely not the way you should approach the game if you want to become a successful long-term player.

Have a Solid Bankroll

The first thing you need to have in place is a solid bankroll. This means you should have at least 40 buy-ins if you are a cash game player and 100 buy-ins if you are a tournament player.
By ensuring that you are financially stable, you will not only be able to play without any stress, but you will be able to take shots at juicy games when they become available.

Once you have your base sorted, it is important to schedule your playing time. The speed and ease of access of online poker makes it tempting to jump into a game when you have a spare five minutes.

However, doing this will often cost you money. Entering into a session without warming up is a recipe for disaster.


Every sports person in the world will warm up his or her muscles before engaging in some physical activity, and poker is no different. Before each session, you should take 10 minutes to focus on what you need to do to win, how to avoid your weakness, and work out when you are going to quit.

This final point is an important step in structuring your time at the poker table. Setting stop/loss and stop/win amounts will not only prevent you from blowing your bankroll, but help make you a steady profit.

When you’re on a good run it can seem like it will never end, but the moment it does, you can often get annoyed, which will cause you to lose money. For that reason, you need to establish exactly when you will end your sessions.

Implementing these simple steps into your game will not only make poker more profitable for you, but more enjoyable.

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Organise your Poker Game

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